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Hip Pop


Flex (WIP)

4 A.M. flexing….

Waiting impatiently for that new Budden album ;)



Hip Pop (WIP 2)

Uh Oh! Looks like I’m actually going to finish this! LOL. Just have the dress left to do. :D


Hip Pop (WIP)

Been starting & stopping a lot of things. I intend to complete this. ;)



Just a doodle feat. Alexis


It’s Cool (WIP)

It’s just like me to start a bunch of different things instead of finishing something first.

Jhene Aiko…


Bohemian Weekend (WIP)

I kind of figured out my tablet issues. The lines on this one are smoother than the Rihanna one I posted last week. I’m looking forward to finishing this one. I love this girl. She’s super gorgeous, and is one of my favorite YouTubers.



Use It, Or Lose It!!

I completely forgot how to use my tablet to sketch. The lines, pen pressure, or something is off. Hopefully I’ll figure it out & post an updated WIP or finished product soon. Haha


Another New Year…

Hi :) It’s another new year, which means another reincarnation of this site. This time I’m going to save the promises of frequent updates, etc. My only goal is to stop allowing life to interfere with my hobbies & other things that make me happy. Here’s something old I’m trying to finally finish. I’m so out of practice.