Still (S)Lacking…

I’m sitting at my desk waiting for USPS to pick up some packages I’ve sold, so I figured I’d update. Life is still hard. I still have no interest or motivation to do anything. I will say that I think the antidepressants help level me a little, but I still feel exactly the same. It’s disappointing. Not the pills. I didn’t expect anything there. It’s disappointing to feel like I won’t ever be happy again. Time doesn’t heal everything. Time just changes the way things feel. Anywayyyyy. I’ve all but abandoned my BuJo. October wasn’t productive at all, and I think it’s because I didn’t have the bullet journal to keep me accountable. Hopefully I can get back on it for November. I was hoping to have some enthusiasm about creating art by now, but it hasn’t happened. In fact, I’ve started selling a lot of my new art supplies on Mercari because I don’t think I’ll ever feel motivated again. I’ve literally sold 4 of my art journals & I have 6 others listed. I feel guilty having so much & doing nothing with it. I don’t think more than 5 people even visit this site anymore, but maybe I’ll have a giveaway on here. Well, I’m gonna go. I’ve been trying to go through my house & get rid of 80% of my things. I’ve sold about 50 new hair & beauty products lately (mostly Shea Moisture), and I still have a box left. Let’s not even talk about how many art & crafts supplies, journals & monkeys I need to get rid of. It’s ridiculous!!


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