September BUJO

I wanted to share my September BuJo pages before I added everything to them since I forgot to share the rest of my August pages. I wanted to show some of the differences between last month & this month, but I didn’t really want to cover up a bunch of personal stuff. I also wanted to be more creative this month, but I’m in still in the “middle” of “Spring cleaning” so my art room is still in shambles. Plus I’m just not inspired. At any rate, here are the pics with some explanations above. Artsy stuff soon come… ;)


Cover/Calendar page & Important monthly things. This month I got rid of the Expenses box & labeled it Purchases because I track what goes on with my credit cards & bank accounts on my computer so trying to put it there too was just stressful. I’d rather just see what I’m buying.


My Habit Tracker & Bible Study Tracker are the same. I found them extremely helpful last month. BTW, the third box is supposed to be “Less than 1400 Calories.” I don’t know why I did the sign backwards LOL

This month I changed my Sleep Tracker. I made it one page instead of 2. I removed the Sleep Quality section because it wasn’t important. This month I added the Workout Tracker because I want to hold myself more accountable. Last month I just wrote my workouts in my Daily boxes.


My Meal Tracker is the same. I was the most consistent with that & my Habit Tracker. This gave me visible proof that the days I didn’t track because I ate bad were the days I gained weight or didn’t lose.


Most people use their Daily boxes for tasks & to-dos, but I use mine for journaling. I don’t have that much going on, so I only do monthly & weekly Tasks & To-Dos.

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  1. Kya September 3, 2017 at 10:14 pm # Reply

    They look great. :D

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